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Quality Taxi Services Steering Committee

The Quality Taxi Services Steering Committee (QTSSC), comprising representatives of the taxi associations, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Consumer Council, District Councils, Transport and Housing Bureau and Transport Department, was established in May 1999 to promote quality taxi service. Major objectives of the QTSSC include:
  • fostering unity among members of the taxi trade
  • improving the image of taxi drivers
  • enhancing the quality of taxi services
  • promoting quality taxi services
The QTSSC has been dedicated to promoting quality taxi services since its inception. One of its tasks was the publication of Taxi Newsletter which has been well received by taxi drivers and passengers. It has also worked closely with the Transport Department and taxi associations in organizing a series of quality taxi service programmes to upgrade the quality of taxi service. These include:
  • Taxi Driver Award Scheme (Dec 1999 to Mar 2000);
  • Quality Taxi Services Forum (Jan 2001);
  • Taxi Driver Commendation Scheme (since July 2001);
  • Installation of Taxi Passengers Information Plates (since 2001);
  • Distribution of the Guide to Taxi Services in Hong Kong (since 2001);
  • Distribution of Workplace English for Taxi Drivers CDs and booklet (since Aug 2001);
  • Distribution of Taxi Passenger Information Flyer (since Aug 2002); and
  • Distribution of Newsletter (since Jan 2000).

Apart from these, the QTSSC has also organized various activities in conjunction with other organizations to promote quality taxi services, such as giving full support to the “24-hour Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxi” launched by the Commercial Radio in mid-December 2001; supporting the Taxi Driver Occupational Health Campaign launched by the Commercial Radio and the Hospital Authority in June 2002; supporting the Vocational Training Council in organizing the Skill Upgrading Scheme to improve the driving skills of taxi drivers in 2004 ; organizing “Road Safety Campaign for Taxis” in April 2005 ; organizing “Friendly Taxi Campaign” in conjunction with Tourism Commission and Hong Kong Tourism Board in January 2006; and organizing “Occupational Health Campaign for Taxi Drivers” in conjunction with Health InfoWorld, Hospital Authority in December 2006.

To strengthen the interaction and co-operation with the taxi trade and other important stakeholders with a view to enhancing the taxi service quality under the existing regulatory regime, the QTSSC under TD has been revamped and renamed as the Committee on Taxi Service Quality (CTSQ) since 9 January 2018. The CTSQ consists of non-official members from various sectors, including the taxi trade, Legislative Council, District Councils, academia, the Consumer Council, the Hong Kong Tourism Board and persons with disabilities groups. All of these non-official members possess vast experience and rich knowledge in their own professions/sectors. The CTSQ will serve as a multi-party platform to discuss strategies and measures to drive changes to enhance the taxi service quality.