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Can urban taxi (red taxis) operate outside urban areas?

Yes. Urban taxis are available for hire throughout Hong Kong (except Tung Chung Road and roads in South Lantau).

Can NT taxi (green taxis) operate in Shatin and Tseung Kwan O?

No. NT taxi cannot operate in Shatin and Tseung Kwan O New Town, except carry passengers along specified routes to/from Sha Tin Race Course, Prince of Wales Hospital, Tseung Kwan O Hospital, Chiu Shun Road and Hang Hau MTR Station.

Can NT taxi (green taxis) operate outside New Territories?

No, But NT taxis are permitted to carry passengers along specified routes to/from the following locations:

Passenger Terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok including the Ground Transportation Centre, Tsing Yi Station of Airport Railway, Tsuen Wan MTR Station, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hang Hau MTR Station, Hong Kong Disneyland, Sha Tin Race Course and Shun Lee Estate in Kwun Tong.

What are the basic requirements of Taxi written test?

Candidates applying for Taxi written test should have held a full driving licence for private car for 3 years or above. In addition, candidates must not have been convicted of an offence under Road Traffic Regulation 374 Section 36 (Causing death by reckless driving), 39 (Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drinks or drugs) during the 5 years immediately preceding to the test.

Normally, candidates, who have passed the written test, can apply for a full driving licence for taxi without the need to attend any road test.

What can a passenger do if he/she leaves something on the taxi?

If a passenger leaves something on the taxi, he/she can call the Police and provide it with detailed information of the lost and the contact. It is expected that the police can maintain a communication with the passenger in case they can receive the lost. Passenger can also call Road Co-op Lost & Found 24-hour Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxi launched by Commercial Radio 1872920 or check through taxi associations to find the lost.

Can taxi driver use mobile phone while vehicle is in motion?

No. Taxi driver cannot use hand-held telecommunication equipment including radiophones while vehicle is in motion. The maximum penalty will be $2,000. It is also a violation of law as if receiving and delivering electronic mails via mobile phones while vehicle is in motion.

What kind of responsibilities passenger has to bear if they don't wear seat belts?

Passenger who does not wear provided seat belt is a violation of law. The maximum penalty will be $5,000 and 3 months imprisonment. If he/she is injured or death in a traffic accident, partly because of not wearing provided seat belt, the possibility of successfully claiming third party insurance by him/her (or legacy controller) will be reduced.

Can passenger ask for taxi fare receipt?

Yes. Regulation 37 (f) (Chapter 374) of Road Traffic (Public Services Vehicle) Regulations requires taxi drivers to issue to a person on demand a receipt complying with the requirements of regulation 49A. In case the receipt printing device fails to operate, the taxi driver should issue a hand-written receipt and arrange for repair of the device as soon as possible. If the taximeter and the receipt printing device have not yet been recalibrated to show the new fares approved by Government after a fare increase, the taxi driver should write down the new fares on the printed receipt before issuing to the passenger. The fare recorded on the receipt should be exactly the passenger has paid for hiring of his taxis as well as the fare recorded on the taximeter.

What can taxi drivers do if they find illegal immigrants or smuggling goods?

The Police has set up a "Taxi Drivers Crime Reporting Line" 3111 3366. Taxi drivers can report any suspicious crime (such as illegal immigrants or smuggling goods) though this special line.